Looking for a fast, efficient and functional Videoconference? 
Let’s Crovv!! Video Chat software makes it all possible!
2 to 75 people in a Videoconference with only 1 license.

Privacy guaranteed

No software installation, No recordings and No storage of data!
Unlimited 1 to 1 meetings, Unlimited number of group meetings
Screen Share & Admin controls

Privacy Guaranteed, No recordings and No storage of data!

You will receive your own Let's Crovv !! Videoconference link / url that you can use personally or for your own business.

All you pay are the license costs of € 96.00 per year (excl. 21% VAT).

What is possible?

Online Meetings, Networking, Coaching, Teaching or Brainstorming!

Let’s Crovv!! 

Makes it possible

The only thing you need is Google Chrome on a Laptop or PC.

Download the Let's Crovv!! Videoconference App.

Let's Crovv!! Videoconference icon explanation.

You can Share your 

  • Entire Screen
  • Application Window 
  • Chrome Tab.

Make sure that your Application is open if you like to share for example a Powerpoint Presentation.

Moderator Options & Call Quality

  • The moderator is always the first person in the videoconference meeting.
  • If you have a low quality internet connection please go to call quality and choose for Low definition or Audio only!